Our dentists and team strive to provide outstanding dental service in Roseville, California, to each of our clients. But we also focus on creating an experience that will help you relax and even enjoy your visit to our office. From our music, to our water and tea and lavender air mister, we blend great dentistry with concierge service that places you at the center of our practice. You can watch and read about our client’s experiences here and we would love to have you tell us about yours. We invite you to leave your review on this page or visit us on social media. If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. John Hansen, call (916) 774-1605 today.

Introducing the Smile Files

Outstanding in every way. I highly recommend him and his staff. He is incredibly skilled and compassionate. He has been my dentist for over a decade and I have everyone in my family go to him. He makes dentistry pain and anxiety free!!!! LOVE THIS GUY!!!
– J.H.
We moved to the area three years ago. A neighbor highly recommended their family’s dentist, Dr John Hansen. After calling the front desk and the ease of requesting they acquire my dental records from my previous dentist I told Dr Hansen at my first appointment, “If you’re half as good as your office staff I am already sold!” My husband and I find the office staff and hygienists to be efficient and professional. Dr Hansen is excellent!! I have been impressed from my first phone call three years ago!
– Judi B.
Dr. Hansen and his team are truly amazing! I’m kind of a scaredy cat when it comes to visiting to the Dentist. Everyone in the office is so personable and skilled. Dr. Hansen is an artist!!
– Cecillia S.
Dr. Hansen is awesome! I had my Invisalign done and it totally transformed my teeth. Dr. Hansen took his time to perfect the finishing touches. He really works with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Wonderful experience.
– Tania M.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Hansen and his staff for the last 20 years. The office environment is very comfortable, and the level of service & quality of work is Outstanding!
– Susan P.
I love Dr. Hansen and his professional staff! They always make me feel at home!
– Alyssa B.
I had an initial consultation with Dr. Hansen. Boy was I impressed with him, his staff and his office!
– Eric S.
This office leads the way in customer service, comfort, and providing the highest quality of care! I noticed a unique difference the moment I was greeted.
– Nicole E.
My experience from the first phone call has been amazing and I don’t even have my permanent teeth but I totally love my new smile! Thank you Dr Hansen and team!
– Gina W.
Going to Dr. Hansen’s office is as much of a pleasure as you can when you’re actually going to a dentist LOL. The place has a great ambience, the staff are engaging, the hygienists are gentle, and Dr. Hanson and his dental technicians are pros. I am an airline captain for American Airlines and I know what professionalism is. These guys are solid.
– Rick R.
Dr. Hansen and his crew are a team of smile wizards! He has changed my life with his amazing dentistry. Instead of dreading a trip to a dental office, I always look forward to my next visit with Dr. Hansen and the crew. Do your smile a favor and see for yourself! Nobody’s better.
– Brian W.
I really like and appreciate Dr. Hansen and his team. They are friendly, accommodating in scheduling and provide excellent service during visits. They are honest, knowledgeable and realistic about on-going care plans. Their office is comfortable and equipment is modern which helps eliminate discomfort vs. traditional treatment methods (e.g. water scaling vs. hand tool only for cleanings). I also had my mercury fillings replaced with porcelain. There was almost no soreness or pain, during or after. Dr. Hansen has proven to be my family’s trusted dental provider. It is without hesitation that I recommend their office.
– Christina T.
Dr.Hsnsen is the best! If you are looking to prefect your smile… STOP… and call Dr. Hensen.. You will not be disappointed.. Remember that your smile is the first impression others see… Make it the best….
– Terri D.
I’m a new patient and have so far been really pleased with this office and Dr. Hanson. The staff goes out of their way to be friendly and helpful. Everything is explained and I sincerely appreciate Dr. Hanson and his willingness to give you his undivided attention.
– Lisa O.
Dr. Hansen and his amazing staff have seen to my dental care for over 15 years. I came to the office with a myriad of problems that Dr. Hansen turned into a model smile. He is a perfectionist who stands behind his work. His staff , from the front desk,to the assistants, hygienist and lab are unfailingly caring, gentle, capable and professional. I can honestly say that I have never been to a better dental practice.
– Velia B.
Wonderful doctor and staff! Everyone is so friendly and accommodating- a very high end experience indeed!
– Kamieren P.
An excellent outstanding dentist. His staff and hygienist are tops also. He is kind,gentle and hows what he is doing. He diagnosed me with TJM and wrote a letter to my MD informing him this was a medical issue not a dental issue. Because of that letter my insurance has paid for my treatment with a TMJ specialist .
– MaryAnn G.
Dr. Hansen and his staff are amazing at what they do. From the moment you walk in, to your treatment, you’re treated with the highest class. I would say my favorite thing about visiting Dr. Hansen, is knowing that i’m getting the best.
– Donny V.
This is the best place! Dr Hansen is amazing! Will never go to another dentist! His staff is amazing too! Beautiful office. Not to mention my beautiful veneers!!! Love my pearly whites!!
– Nikki Z.
Amazing dentist. Amazing work. And absolutely pain free! Seriously. Really nice and professional staff, too.
– Anonymous
I love going to the dentist . Each person working here is nice, efficient and helpful.. Not only is the office comfortable and relaxing , it’s like visiting friends. Which they are. I chipped a Veneer -:(. And am having a new one made, nothing lasts forever . Dr, Hansen has a very calming affect on the patients and does the best work. Solid , honest and a very nice manner. The best,
– Donna S.
Searching for a new dentist is SCARY. We hit paydirt with this office. Never before have I been taken through the office, shown the different equipment and introduced to all employees…and what a group of friendly people. From the moment we opened the office door until we left… was all pleasant. Who ever thought going to the dentist would be such a nice experience? No longer do I have to dread going and I WILL recommend anyone who asks. Thank you all.
– Sue F.
Love love coming into Dr. Hansen’s office! Everyone makes you feel so welcome right when you walk into the door and not to mention actually makes going to the dentist enjoyable :)
– Tyla P.
Great place, friendly people, very professional.
– Anonymous
Welcoming. Friendly. Knowledgeable. Personable. Self-sufficient
– Jessica P.
I love Dr. Hansen and all the staff.
– Karen C.
After 15 years I continue to be impressed by the quality care I receive here. I live in San Francisco and still come out for my annual cleanings! A very trusted dentist.
– Catrina H.
Everything went just super as it always does. A great dental hygienist makes it nearly enjoyable to come and she is just superb!
– Gary H.
Everyone does a great job. Top quality work by everyone. Always a warm welcome. Thank you for the superior treatment.
– Melody B.
Best overall dental care I have ever received. Entire staff does great job. I am feeling better about the health of my teeth.
– Rick R.
While living in Truckee, CA., John Hansen was recommended to us with words/expressions like: he’s very gentle; he listens; he is on the faculty at dental schools; he makes “going to the dentist” a much easier and pleasant experience, he is the “go to” cosmetic dentist for veneers. That was 8-10 yrs ago………my wife, Linda, has spectacular veneers and we continue to use the office of John P. Hanse, DDS and experience the warm, friendly atmosphere. I recommend John to everyone.
– Michael T.
Easy, painless, and pool of talented professionals who always seem to be having a great day. Lets face it we all have are fear of Dentists, I did. Not any more. I’m the benefactor of Dr. Hansen’s passion to create the perfect smile for each of his patients.
– Michael L.
Highly recommend!! The Staff and the doctors (Dr. Thompson & Dr Hansen) are friendly, honest and excellent in their profession. I was having a hard time finding a great fit/office for me until I came here. I have to say that I am glad to have found them and tell everyone that a talk to that they should too make a visit!!
– Anonymous
Phenomenal dentistry and traditional customer service values that are hard to Find in today’s day and age. I was referred to Dr. Hanson by a dear friend of mine who raved about his work I have since referred my wife as well. And example of this customer service I had a urgent situation today being a Saturday and he took the time leaving his family to come down and open his office to treat my situation and he did a phenomenal job at it! I can’t say enough great things about he and his staff thank you for your time
– Ryan C.
The Best dentist and staff! Totally erased my negative childhood dentist trauma and adult dentist phobias. Quality work, no matter the dental needs. No more anxiety. BEAUTIFUL smile!
– Constance H.
The most compassionate and awesome staff! I have delibitating dental phobia and Dr. Hansen and his entire professional crew has made my life so much better. My sister had Dr. Hansen do a complete implant and she has the most beautiful teeth Ive ever seen.
– April K.
Dr. Hansen and crew are the best! They are friendly, knowledgeable, and they do great work!
– Theresa R.
specialist . – MaryAnn G.
If you have any “fear” at all of the Dentist, Dr. Hanson is the one for you!! They do unbelievably Fabulous work and Dr. Hanson & his staff are such loving people they total make you feel at ease and comfortable
– Barbara B.
Sooo absolutely Fabulous! I have three things that I’m scared of; Spiders, Clowns and Dentists.. thanks to Dr. Thompson, Dr. Hansen, Amy, Shelly and the rest of the gang I can cross Dentists off the list!!!! Bravo !
– Lori Ann H.
Dr. Hansen and the his team make you feel like you’re not at a dentist office, they make you want to be there. Everyone is so positive and professional and now I can’t wait to get my cleaning/checkup every 6 months…seriously. People within my family got veneers and it has changed their lives and the way they smile through their everyday lives. If you are looking for the right dentist whether you are in Roseville or Sacramento, this is the right office for everyone.
– Morgan W.
Sadly, I have been to many dentists in my life. I had a bike accident when I was 12 and literally knocked out most of my front teeth. Since that time, I have had several dental visits to many different dentists up and down California and I can honestly say that John Hansen and his staff are *the* best. Without question they have been helpful, supportive, engaging, accommodating and wonderfully pleasant on every visit for every concern and question I have. Not only do they do the major dental work but just having a regular cleaning is a wonderful experience (yes… I said “wonderful experience” and “dental work” in the same breath.) Not to mention the amazing work that they do! Thanks again Dr. Hansen, Sarah, and Amy as well as all the other staff I have not had the pleasure to meet yet!
– Chrissy C.
You will love Dr. Hansen and his incredible staff. They do excellent work and are so friendly and the office is super comfortable and luxurious. It is more like a spa than a dentists office. I appreciate that, because I was terribly afraid of the dentist my whole life and Dr. Hansen changed that for me with his gentle and professional care. I have been going to Dr. H for 17 years and he has given me the smile I always wanted. He uses state of the art equipment and all of the latest products, even the X-rays are instant. Comfort is a big value, and the neck pillow and sunglasses are a great touch during the cleanings. 5 star all the way!!!
– Nancy H.
Dr. Hansen and his staff are incredible to work with. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. I have been going to JHansenDDS for years and they have never let me down! The treatment and environment are incredible :))))))))
– Kamiren P.
Dr Hansen is an awesome compassionate Dentist, I’ve been going to him over 10 years. The Staff is always friendly & professional!!
– Brad W.
“Want pretty teeth? Try Dr. Hansen. I found him many years ago and still coming back for new work or just a second opinion.”
– Anonymous
I have been a patient of Dr. Hansen’s for over 15 years. He is a superior dentist and is also a kind, and gentle human being. Over the years he has done amazing things with my teeth. Other dental practitioners, ( periodontist’s, etc.) have commented on his work. I recently had my scheduled cleaning and Shelly, the hygienist, is also excellent. The care I receive at Dr. Hansen’s is the best and I would recommend his office to anyone.
– Donna P.
Skill and service as good as it gets. I am very satisfied.
– John W.
Dr. Hansen and his staff have created the most professional and enjoyable environment in basically any industry I can think of, and having been away for ten years it seems to have only improved in that time. That to me is the most impressive part. It is hard to maintain let alone build upon an already stellar company culture. From this, everything else flows naturally, and they clearly employ the best care and practices in their work. I love going in for checkups and cleanings here, and will never go anywhere else.
– Jesse C.
I had severe gum disease and bone loss, combined with severe dentist phobia. Dr. Hansen not only gave me the most beautiful smile but he and his staff made me feel safe. He really does practice pain free restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. I needed fillings, crowns, extractions, bone grafting, screw placement, and veneers. I now have healthy gums and a smile that looks real! People ask me which whitener I use but no one has ever asked if my teeth are my own! He is a true artist! He gave careful thought to every step of curing my gum and bone loss/disease and it was fun to watch him create my new smile. He is so amazing that my sister, who also has the same problems I have, including dental phobia, had him create demtal health and a new smile for her! His patience, kindness, and incredible skill set have changed my life as well as my sister’s. Our daughter drives 90 miles to see him! We call him our wizard because he literally cured me of my terrible phobia and he did that while doing extensive work on me! I really cannot say enough good things about him, his staff, and how they run their practice.
– Jill P.
He is a great doctor and great at veneers. Had mine redone and it came out great.
– Paul F.
Great doctor and facilities! I would recommend this doctor
– Anonymous
Love Dr. Hansen! I’ve seen a lot of veneers he’s done and I’m impressed!
– Sally C.
Beyond family friends, John Hansen and his team has consistently provided a friendly environment. Their unparalleled dentistry services are always up-to-date and hassle free!
– Dalton M.
I’ve been blessed to have Dr.Hansen and his entire staff as my Dental Care Professionals. I’ve been treated with such professionalism and yet a personal Welcome each and every time. I’ve been with his office for 8 years, always treated with kindness. Love visiting my Dentist and love my New Smile!!!
– Jane E.
Dr Hansen and his staff are amazing! From the greeting you get when entering his office to leaving it is a great experience! Dr Hansen is a skilled Dentist I know I always get the best care from him! Check out Dr Hansens group you will be happy you did!
– Barbara A.
I had to get a crown replaced recently and Dr Hanson did a spectacular job. Dr Hanson combines his extraordinary talent, best available materials and artistry to deliver outstanding results. From the fast acting French Xylocaine with the smallest molecules, thin needle – pain free injection & marvelous technique, best material including MMM bonding material – Dr Hanson is the best & delivers the best outcome. Truly best in class for those who demand the very best in Dentistry. Thank you! – Robert S.
He is the best! I have had problems with my teeth my entire life. Dr. Hansen put porcelain crowns on my top and bottom teeth. My life has completely changed. I have confidence now that I have never had. The entire staff was great. Thanks everyone.
– Anna P.
I was a person who always felt some degree of hesitation and anxiety about visiting a dental office. That was until I had the privilege of being introduced to Dr. John Hansen and his excellent dental team! From the moment you step in the door you will be made to feel welcome by the friendly front office staff, Amy and Michael. The experienced and knowledgeable Dental Assistants, Kristin and Nicole, will escort you to the dental chair and make sure you are comfortable. They are highly efficient at assisting Dr. Hansen with all procedures. The dental hygienist, Shelly, provides the most gentle and pleasant cleaning I have ever experienced. Dr. Hansen, the heart of the Hansen dental team, has changed my whole view on being fearful of a dental visit! He is gentle and professional with a wealth of knowledge about whatever your dental concerns may be! He checks in with you frequently during your dental procedure to make sure you are comfortable and doing well. I can’t thank Dr. Hanson enough for the EXQUISITE cosmetic dentistry he has done for me! I have a beautiful smile again and get many compliments on my teeth! I sincerely give my highest recommendation to Dr. Hansen and his staff! I am a happy and extremely satisfied patient!
– Tawnie C.
I have been a patient for many years, the whole staff is incredible! I am very particular about my dentists and prior to Dr. Hansen, I had used the same dentist for a long time but could not make the drive to the Bay Area anymore. I have referred many family members and friends to Dr. Hansen. If you are looking for a great dentist, look no further than Dr. Hansen!
– Nancy C.
I’ve been appreciating the quality work and service of Dr. Hansen and his wonderful staff for more than 14 years. I highly recommend them! Thank you!
– Rachelle H.
Always on time professional great people working there. Dr HANSEN IS THE BEST.
– David H.
When I asked a customer of mine in the dental lab business who the #1 dentist was in the area, without hesitation they said Dr. John Hansen. That was in 2009. I know great dentists because my Father is one! Dr Hansen is THE BEST in Northern CA. My highest recommendation!
– Dave B.
Always a pleasure to see Dr. Hansen and his amazing, caring staff on my annual visit. Dental hygienist, Shelley, is a wonderful new addition. Love the new cleaning devise! Thanks to their high-tech x-ray machine I am being treated by my medical doctor for the sinus infection causing my frequent headaches! Thank you all. Eighteen years and a loyal follower!
– Janice L.
the crew. Do your smile a favor and see for yourself! Nobody’s better. – Brian W.
I have been going to Dr. Hansen for over 20 years. I had a full set of veneers. I am a total “chicken” and was scared to do this huge undertaking! Dr. Hansen made me feel perfectly comfortable and completely changed my smile. He is not just gentle and kind, but an artist. It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself! I’ve had a beautiful smile for 20 years, thanks to the artistry of Dr. Hansen. Believe me, when I look at other people’s teeth, they look “thick” and not natural. Mine look completely natural. You will not be disappointed!!!
– Sharon S.
Dr. Hansen was recommended to my husband and I several years ago and we would not think of going to anyone else. His style is education and collaboration to keep you smiling for many years. His team is a great group of professional that make sure you are well taken care of during your visit. We would recommend Dr. Hansen to anyone looking for an outstanding dentist!
– Linda R.
It is my absolute pleasure to share my opinion and experiences regarding Dr. John Hansen and his amazing staff. First, I must say I feared all dentists, from terrible experiences, all my life before my early 20’s. I avoided them. Many years ago, I was very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. John Hansen – BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME! He has been my exclusive dentist since then. He is so talented, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring to his patients. He has a way to give you shots that really reduces any pain. He is always on the cutting edge with techniques, tools, and materials! I get excited when I have an appointment now! As well as treating my general needs, he also put in my Vaneers! He is an artist! When you walk into the office, you are saturated by the entire environment of the beautiful office and welcome greeting by name. There is water with fresh fruit in it and other refreshments. Amy welcomes you (or Michael- both are are great) and checks you in. It is a family environment and you feel part of that. Everyone who works there is tremendous. I want to name them all but I fear I will leave one out! Shelly does my cleaning and prep work on a regular basis and continues the professional knowlegeable theme. Everyone works together so well. Before being treated for Cancer, Dr. Hansen helped me prepare for the damage cancer can cause to your gums and teeth. It was important because during my cancer treatments, I could not do regular care. Fortunately, when my oncologist called me a “medical miracle” for surviving my rare stage 4 Cancer, I decided to treat myself to Vaneers. That was a life changing experience that allowed me to smile joyfully at my success. His artistry is well acknowledged. I love everything about going there and always look forward to my appointments. I highly recommend using the services provided. You can’t do better than this!
– Darla J.
Amazing! Dr. Hansen is beyond talented! Shelly is the best hygienist! Simply amazing.
– Christine W.